you're the only thing that keeping me alive

Yes, I'm fucked up and I'm strange, I'm everything you call me, I'm all the stupid names hah its me. if you feel alone follow me.. you will see THINGS,,,, lol have fun with your life I live in A-M-E-R-I-C-A Home of the free, the sick, and depraved  and dont for get doctor who is my life. And if your ever upset inbox me I'm here for you

Reasons why I cut.

I’m stupid
I’m ugly
I’m not good enough
I never make any on happy
She doesn’t really love me
My parent don’t like me
I’m annoying
I’m emo
I hate myself
She try’s to hurt me
I should just die

But there’s so many more reasons why I cut. It’s just like ppl don’t get it I’m here for you bullshit no you are not fuck of

I’m so hurt inside I want do die I want cry.

Hey guys just wanted to let you know
You are loved
You are cared about
You are wanted
You are cute
You are beautiful
You are nice
But don’t for get I hate you

Idk why I just feel like saying this I really feel like shit. Like I can’t do anything for any one right. And the older I get the more I feel worthless to my family and just every one I hate me life sometimes and I don’t gaf what you have to say about me this is who I am. So yea bye BOOB SQUEEZE and a lil hug