you're the only thing that keeping me alive

Yes, I'm fucked up and I'm strange, I'm everything you call me, I'm all the stupid names hah its me. if you feel alone follow me.. you will see THINGS,,,, lol have fun with your life I live in A-M-E-R-I-C-A Home of the free, the sick, and depraved  and dont for get doctor who is my life. And if your ever upset inbox me I'm here for you



Anonymous asked: I love you ❤️

No lies if you loved me you would show you face

Its come to this a pen and paper and a loaded gun
I can’t live on another day with everything that Ive done

the best time of my day is when its 1:46 and I  really want to kill my self

Anonymous asked: do people text you

like one person a day I need more friends

Anonymous asked: OH MY GOD THESE PEOPLE TELLING YOU TO KILL YOURSELF NEED TO FUCK OFF. Please don't do it. Those people are heartless shitheads. I'm so sorry you get those messages, you don't deserve them. You really don't.

:/ how to u cut the asking thing off¿

Anonymous asked: To anon: your*